Mice Extermination & Pest Control

Since rodents are mammals, what is lethal for them, is , similarly, hazardous to humans. For this reason there are no pest control tools that would drop mice or rats dead like flies, upon exposure.

For mice extermination and pest control, primarily, we employ the bait method. To this end, we deploy most effective formulations available from the leading rodenticide manufactures. These rodenticides are highly palatable and contain powerful active ingredients, to deliver lethality, via a single-feeding. Once, a mouse or rat has had a meal on the bait, it will expire within 4 to 5 days, henceforth.

Bait is usually placed inside/under cabinetry, behind appliances, furniture or other areas where it is likely to be found only by the rodents. The bait is deployed in tamper-resistant and lockable bait stations.

Below, you have a picture of FasTrack rodenticide which is a bait in block form.

The most common rodent invader is the house mouse. These rodents can correctly be described as a parasite of human dwelling as they love the refuge, shelter and food that they discover in our homes; never want to leave and remain inconspicuous so as to keep their intrusion hidden!

Mice are a nuisance, at the least and can pose significant health risks and damage to residential structures.

So, if these rodents find their way to our pantry, they can multiply quickly and become more than just a nuisance.

If you come across a situation where you are not sure if the droppings or damage is caused by mice or rats, we point out a few items that would help you to determine if you are dealing with mice or rats.

Other times, clients are not even sure if they are dealing with rodents or something else. Clients may hear noises behind drywall or observe some other disturbance such as a pile of saw dust or sand, etc. We list a few tell tale signs that indicate that you may be dealing with a mice or a rat issue.

This article from PestWorld also lists some very useful tips about how to deal with mice issues.

House Mouse


This is a house mouse caught in a glue trap in a garage in Ajax, Halton Region.

Mice like to Nest in the insulation behind our drywalls.

Mice and Rats feeding on the Bait.

Frequently asked Questions:

How long would it take for the mice to go away ?

It takes about 3 to 5 weeks for all the mice to have a chance to feed on the bait and then die off. Mice would find the bait during their normal foraging activities. Immediately after consumption, the bait caused no ill effects. The active agent is made to affect with a delay so that mice do not associate the ill effects with the bait.

How should I clean places visited by mice ?

When it comes to cleaning away the excrements and urine from mice presence in our kitchens, standard care should be taken. Try to avoid inhaling the dust and debris. Spray anti-bacterial cleaning agent to suppress the particles from becoming air borne. Then wipe them off with a disposable cleaning cloth. Use of cleaning gloves is recommended.

Do you plug holes inside the house ?

Most homes do not have existential entry points that need attention. Most mice infestation start through the attahced garage or other accidental entry. Our exterminators will inspect the structure for points of vulnerabilities that may result in cause of future infestations or conditions that may be helping the Pest flourish. It will be up to the owner to act on the recommendations.

Can I buy this rodenticide from you ?

No. These rodenticides are registered with PMRA as Commercial and are not sold to the public. Only Licensed Pesticide Operators are allowed to employ these.

Would I get the smell of dead mice ?

Though it is not typical to occur but it remains possible. If a mouse expires near our living space and has enough body fluids to cause a bad smell, the you may start to notice it. In that case, you should ventilate the place and accurate assess the location of the source of the smell. Once, determined, look for a dead mouse and remove it.


Arrange for a good light. Seeing is believing. Then, know where to look. And, what to look for?

Areas favored by mice are food storage and preparation areas such as kitchens and pantries. Sub-floor areas, behind drywalls and enclosed pipes and ducts cavities are also favored areas.

You are most likely to find the droppings behind stove and fridge. Also the kitchen cabinet under the sink usually is a gateway into the kitchen.

As most infestations start in the garage, it is advisable to inspect it closely for droppings.

Cold room and furnace area in basement are also a good suspect to see if you have mice issues.

Expected Results:

In about 3-5 weeks, all pests would have been eliminated having consumed the bait. Typically, the Pests would simply cease to exist. However, it is possible that some Pests may expire near human living spaces. As well, they may result in bad odors. In that case, client would have to investigate the source and remove it.

Mice and Rats, during their normal foraging activities, will find the bait and consume it. It is common that it may appear that the pests become more active or appear to have become greater in numbers as they may come back a few times to feed on the bait.

Our exterminators will inspect the structure for points of vulnerabilities that may facilitate future infestations or conditions that may be helping the Pest to flourish. It will be up to the owner to act on the recommendations.