The Tell Tale Signs:

  • Droppings – almost black and largest among them being the size of grain of rice – are mice excrements. Rat excrements would be averagin at 8 times the size of a grain of rice.

  • Damage – usually the signs of mice chewing and gnawing for sake of gnawing or ingesting food. The chewing and gnawing would create shreds of bags, paper and food items.

  • Disturbances – The disturbance caused by rodent’s desire to gather materials for a cozy lodging are quite an evident indication of their presence.

  • Nesting signs – You may notice unusual movement and gathering of insulation or other materials.

  • Sightings: Seeing a dead or a live mouse or a rat.
  • Holes and Openings – these are gaps along the baseboards that have been widened by snawing or rarely a hole is chewed open for access and passage.

  • Smell – There develop odour due to mice urine, excrements and even decaying bodies. Typically, the odours occur in either long lasting infestations or severe infestations or both! Also, there is the factor of luck. If mice activity remains well behind the drywall and in the insulation, the chances of smell oozing into our living spaces are reduced.
  • Rub Marks – When mice create a passage by chewing out or have to squeeze through an area, there develops a oily rub marks near that access point.

Disturbance: Grass Seeds have been moved out of the bag. This takes place over longer period of time.


Droppings: are the most evident sign of mice and rat presence.

Droppings on the wooden shelf indicate mice presence

Nest: Mice like to Nest in the insulation behind our drywalls.

Disturbance: Insulation moved by Rodents

Insulation moved by Rodents