Carpenter Bee Extermination

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Carpenter Bees a.k.a Borer Bees have prominently black abdomen.

Only the female carpenter bee has a stinger. Although the male carpenter bee is extremely territorial and aggressive, it is not capable of stinging.

Like any other wood boring insects, Carpenter bees prefer weathered, rotting and old wood to nest in.
Again, like other wood-boring insects, their presence is given away by the wood dust at the entry point of these insects into the wood.

Plugging the holes without removing the infestation can cause these bugs to find alternative paths. Sometimes, they would end up inside your house. So, only plug the entry points after the infestation has been exterminated.

A Carpenter Bee is inside 
it’s Solitary nesting hole in the wood.

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A Wood Borer Bee – Carpenter Bee.

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