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Carpet Beetles

As their name suggests, Carpet Beetles, can feed on carpets as well as articles made of wool, furs, silk, or leather. Usually they remain undetected until the signs of their feeding upon such articles as carpets, clothing, Curtains, etc, begin to be noticed by the residents.

Identification and Habits:

Most common specie is the Shiny Black Carpet Beetle. Only the larval stage feeds on fabric and causes damage. The adults feed on flowers, but are often seen indoors around light fixtures and windows.
Synthetic fabrics such as polyester and rayon are rarely attacked unless they are heavily soiled with food stains or body oils.

They prefer to feed in dark, undisturbed areas such as closets, attics, within boxes where woolens and furs are stored, along and under the edges of carpeting, underneath upholstered furniture, and in air ducts where they feed on lint, pet hair and other bits of debris.
Carpet beetle infestations may also originate from bird or animal nests or an animal carcass present in an attic, chimney or wall void. They also occasionally feed on seeds, pet food or cereal products in the kitchen or pantry.

Control :

The best way to avoid carpet beetle problems is through prevention. Woolens and other susceptible fabrics should be dry cleaned or laundered before being stored for long periods. Cleaning not only removes perspiration odors that are attractive to the beetles, but also kills any eggs or larvae that may be present. Articles to be stored should then be packed with moth balls or flakes in tight-fitting containers. Insecticides should not be used to treat clothing. However, mothproofing solutions may be applied to susceptible clothing by professional dry cleaners.

Routine vacuuming effectively removes carpet beetles which are already present, as well as hair and lint which could support future infestations. Particular attention while vacuuming should be paid to the edges of carpets, along baseboards, underneath furniture and similar “quiet” areas where carpet beetles prefer to feed.

A Larvae of Carpet Beetle besides a Shed Skin of another one.
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An adult Carpet Beetle besides a Larvae.

An adult Carpet Beetle besides a 10 ¢ Coin.

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