Terms & Conditions

Your Privacy:

  • All personal and credit related information is collected and used by QPM alone for the Delivery of Services and Collection of fees. We do not sell this information to others.

Your Rights:

  • You have the right to a courteous and informed service with all the options presented and explained.

Service Conditions and Client Responsibility:

The Service Record document provided at the time of service delivery, supersedes any clauses listed below, where there may be a contradiction.

  • Client will be shown and made aware of the locations where pesticide has been applied and/or baits have been placed.
  • Client will be responsible for making sure that no living organism, that visits or resides in the structure, comes into contact with the pesticide.
  • Client is responsible for transferring this knowledge to other residents/visitors upon the very next meeting.
  • All bait stations, traps and other devices are property of QPM. These tools are not sold nor leased to client.
  • If rodent bait stations were placed in the structure, the client is required to call Quest Pest Management when these stations are be disposed off; for example when complete control of the pest has been observed or client is moving out of the structure. A visit and disposal fee of $45 will apply.
  • In the event of an emergency please call paramedics at 911 or nearest Poison Control Center.
  • Without the cooperation of people residing and visiting the structure, a 100% control on pest population may not be feasible. Client will have to do their part to help control the pest population, following the tips provided in the Pest Information Package.
  • This guarantee is not transferable and is valid only for the client whose name appears on it and only for the location specified.
  • All products are sold on Cash & Carry basis and All Sales are Final that is No refund or Exchanges.
  • In case where Quest Pest Management Re-Applies Controls, The Guarantee Period Expiry Date will Stay the Same i.e. Re-Application of Control Measures will NOT Enforce a New Guarantee Period.
  • For Wildlife Control – After animal removal has completed, we will advise client about the entry point created by the animal. Only if it is safe for all parties and the access point is on a flat surface, QPM may be requested to put in a metal mesh to prevent future intrusions. Client advised not to engage in the employment of our trapping equipment or the animal.
  • You may qualify for one or more discount offers. But you may use only one and only one discount offer and may not be able to combine multiple discount offers.

Recall and Service Timings:

  • A recall is when we confirm an appointment to re-asses and/or re-apply control measures for the pest problem, indicated in the “Job Sheet”.
  • A recall may be requested after 21 calendar days have passed to the application of pest control measures. It is a typical period of time needed to observe the result of pest control measures.
  • A recall appointment will be given in a window of 7 calendar days.
  • At least, a 2 hours notice has to be given by the client if an appointment cannot be kept. In absence of such a notice, a missed appointment fee of $55 will be payable by the client.

Our Fees and Other Charges:

  • Almost always you will get a quote right over the phone. All quotes that are given are flat inclusive fees. Which means that the amount would not change when the Exterminator arrives nor would we try to up sell for that problem. In exceptional circumstances, on site inspection is done free of charge only when client agrees to purchase services on the terms offered. If no such services are performed, then a flat $75 inspection fee is payable by the client.
  • If the infestation requires 3rd or subsequent treatment, Quest Pest Management will gladly apply necessary measures in similar time frames as stated above. Please, note that a flat visit fee of $75 (or 28% of original fee – whichever is higher) would be payable upon each such service.
  • Coupons and discount offers can only be used as one offer for one service, that is, these offers can not be combined for a single service call.

Usage of This Web Site:

  • All Information on Our Site is Provided with Best of Efforts and Intentions. Please, Use Any and All Information Published Here, with Your Sound Judgement & Common Sense as We Cannot Be and Will not Be Held Responsible for Our Unintentional Errors – This a Term and Condition of Your Accessing Our Site.

Logos of other organizations:

Logos of other organization are used in our website and other documentation for easy visual communication of the underlying message. These logos belong to the organization to which we indicate.

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