How did I get bed bugs in my room?

They hitched their way to you on a person or a thing!

Just like a Cockroach would hitch hike to a kitchen, you can have a Bed Bug migrate to your Bed Room as well sneaking in your luggage, etc. There are several significant differences though. The natural characteristics of the Pest would indicate the factors facilitating this expansive migration. From where are they likely to originate and how are they to facilitate this migration.

So it is imperative to understand the natural instincts of the Pest in order to predict it’s behavior. How and where these Pests nest and look for food would indicate their mechanisms for outward migration.

On fact remains that just like cockroaches, Bed Bugs would have to be transported to your bed room, albeit inadvertently. That is the Bed Bugs ca not grow out of untidy and poorly kept quarters. Just like cockroaches, Bed Bugs can not survive outdoors in the Canadian winters.

In the picture above, it is a baby Bed Bug. Even in full size picture, it is hard to tell that it indeed is an insect! This baby Bed Bug has already caused a few bites to human host and grown up in size, yet it remains insignificant to the casual eye!

Most likely these pests were carried in luggage or on a person that visited your bedroom or living room. That is to say that the person or the article’s last departure point was the likely source of bed bug infestation.

The likely source would be an infested bedroom of a family or friend or a point where many people come and go like a hotel or a roaming house. At times you may not be able to track back to a plausible source.

In essence somehow, now, they are in your bedroom. And very sneakily they feed upon you in the night. These pests are parasites and need a host to live off.

And since Bed Bugs do not feel the need to feed for up to two weeks at a time, their presence may appear less obvious in initial phase of the infestation.

Unlike house flies or fruit flies these pests are not a product of poor sanitation. That is, the fact, that you have discovered a Bed Bugs problem in it’s infancy, does not reflect on the cleanliness of your residence. However, to make a place more tidy and clean would suppress Bed Bug infestation. And a poorly kept kept bedroom would make these pests feel really at home.

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