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These Moths at the stage of caterpillars are a serious pest, as they feed on clothing – in particular wool, Silk and other natural fibres.

Like most insects, the clothes or clothing moth prefers moist conditions and at low humidity it’s development slows down a bit.

Clothes Moths are notorious for feeding on clothing and many other natural fibers. The moths prefer dirty fabric for laying their eggs. Clothing Moths are particularly attracted to carpeting and clothing that are soiled by sweat or other fluids.

The Caterpillars are attracted to these areas not for the food but for the moisture that is found in these articles. Clothing Moth would feed on cotton, linen, silk, and wool fabrics as well as animal furs. They also can make use of grain products such as bran, semolina and wheat flour. Clothing Moths can also digest feathers, hair, and remains of other insects. Clothes

Moths usually prefer dim or dark areas. If the larvae finds itself in a well-lit room, it will try to move under furniture or carpet edges. Rugs of natural fibers are a favorite, because it is easy for the larvae to crawl underneath and do their damage from below. These insects would also crawl under the trims and moldings to avoid light and feed on natural debris and fibers from humans, animal and garments, etc. Once, the eggs hatch into larvae, it begins it’s efforts to feed.

Once they have developed into Adult Moths, they only live for the efforts to mate and lay eggs. The Adult Moths do not eat; rather, males look for females with whom to mate, and females then look for places to lay their eggs.

The damage to clothing and other articles of natural fibers is solely done by the larvae. Client can vacuum and shampoo the carpets, and wash or dry-clean their garments to reduce the Clothing Moth problem. Quest Pest Management Inc. suggests to exterminate Clothes or Clothing Moth using insecticide spray application.

An adult Clothes Moth.

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Clothes Moth

A Clothes Moth Larvae or Caterpillar.

Clothes Moth Larvae or Caterpillar
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