Fruit Flies a common flying pest in households 2016-10-19T11:01:44+00:00

Project Description

Fruit Flies – a Pest that becomes numerous fast.

Quest employs insecticide spray application to get rid of Fruit Flies.

Fruit flies can detect fermenting or ripe fruit and vegetables from many meters away. And since their size is quite small, they can penetrate little gaps and crack in the structures of our homes and workplaces. Fruit Flies would feed on these fruits and vegetables and also lay eggs on the surfaces of these items. That’s how the problem gets worse really fast.

So you should try not to keep ripened fruits and vegetables out for long before consumption as they could either start the fruit fly problem if these items were laid with fruit fly eggs or if some new fruit flies find these items they may feed on these and then lay eggs on them too.

Fruit flies have a quick life as they can go from egg to adult in just 8 days. That means every egg that was laid out is an adult in 8 days and in turn ready to lay more eggs. Fruit flies can also feed and sustain off of the stuff found inside drainage pipes and similarly moist mops and cleaning cloths.