Bed Bug Myths

Facts and Fictions of Bed Bugs.

Common Myths People Have about Bed Bugs:

Bed bugs can quickly become a major headache and hassle if they are brought into your Toronto home. In recent years, this pest has been increasing in numbers, largely in part to globalization and the increase in the number of international travelers. With the resurgence of bed bugs, several myths have surfaced. In order to deal with a bed bug infestation in your home correctly, you need to understand the truth about bed bugs.

  • Bed bugs only bite and drink blood from humans. False. Bed bugs will bite and drink blood from animals within in the home, including cats, dogs, and birds, as well as humans.
  • Bed bugs only live in mattresses. False. The reason these pests are called bed bugs is because they are primarily found in areas where people sleep. However, bed bugs can live in sofas, chairs, dressers, closets, and electrical outlets. Ideally, they prefer locations where it is dark, yet within close proximately to their food source.
  • Bed bugs are only active at night. False. While bed bugs do prefer the dark, if they are hungry during the day, they will be active and seek food. Leaving the lights on in a room will not deter bed bugs from feeding.
  • Bed bugs have wings and can fly. False. Bed bugs migrate to new areas of the home by crawling on the ground and walls. They will also get a free ride on clothing and shoes or within a backpack, suitcase, or purse.
  • Bed bugs live in people’s hair. False. Bed bugs like being in close proximately to their food sources, but do not like living in the hair of humans and animals because they do not like the heat. Once they have fed, they do not remain on the human or animal.
  • Bed bugs are only found in hotels and apartments. False. Bed bugs travel great distances, thanks to access to suitcases and clothing. They have been found on buses, trains, airplanes, and movie theatres. They are frequently brought into the home after someone returns from vacation or a business trip because they got into the person’s luggage or onto their clothing.
  • Bed bugs are easy to get rid of on your own. False. Bed bugs have grown immune to off-the-shelf products, like bed bug bombs and spray pesticides, you find at local retailers. Addressing a bed bug problem requires diligence on your part, as well as professional assistance from a qualified Toronto bed bugs extermination company.

In the picture above, it is well established Bed Bug infestation. Keep in mind in typical lighting conditions it can be easily overlooked. So a good light and patience is the key to making your efforts worthwhile.