Dual Insecticides Spray

VS. Heat Application.

How is our BedBug Extermination Technique Better Than Heat Treatments

While in theory Heat application sounds good; in practice there are many considerations that should not be overlooked. We present a comparison table below:

Dual Insecticides Spray Heat Application
The insecticides are applied to key areas where Bed Bugs may hide and nest. That covers all basis for current pest and repels future infestations. Bed Bug Extermination using Heat involves heating almost the entire structure to almost 115 degrees Fahrenheit for extended period of time.
It is easily verifiable as to where the treatment has been applied and cover all basis. It can not be determined after the fact if heat treatment had reached to a certain part of the structure.
The Substance and it’s residual effectiveness lasts for weeks and months resulting in Elimination of even any new arrivals of Bed Bugs The Effectiveness is immediately withdrawn when the treatment process is stopped and equipment removed.
Application is NOT General in Nature i.e. application is only targeted areas and surfaces Application is GENERAL and affects most articles regardless of the need
Preparation for client is selective and limited to areas under and near the bed and couches Preparation for the treatment requires a lot more from the client in terms of removing heat sensitive items or heat proofing them in several ways
Affordable Many Times MORE EXPENSIVE

Hence, it remains our view that the Dual insecticides application to exterminate Bed Bugs is a more practical and common sense approach.