Videos of Bed Bugs – Where to find or locate them?


2 Holes!

In this video you see hiding and nesting preferences of BedBugs. This is a scene of a few spots of a wooden bunk bed frame in West of Toronto.

First you see the upper back area of the bunk bed. You clearly see the black feces and on close observation, you would also notice white eggs cemented on to the wooden surfaces. The black feces concentrate near the holes where bedbugs nest!

Later in the video you are zoomed into the 2 holes and see the details of the nest.

BedBugs, Eggs and their Feces.



In this video you see in action the instinctive preferences of BedBugs for sunken surfaces. This is a scene of piping of a mattress where the BedBug is crawling. Along the way you would notice white shiny eggs and black extruding excrement markings.

The BedBug is comfortable being in the sunken space. It is obvious as I am not able to nudge it with my finger on first few attempts. My finger was not able to come into contact with the BedBug as it was in the sunken space just next to the mattress tuft. After the nudging attempt is successful, the BedBug feels threatened and moves along the tufts rather than the open flat surface further away, but finally move perpendicular to the other side of the mattress.

A BedBugs’ affinity to sunken spaces of a mattress !

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