Nuisance of Wild Life.

Wildlife Control and Removal Services

Wildlife Control and Removal Services

QPM has extensive range of services targeting problems caused by Wildlife incursions. Mostly we live-trap animals or employ exclusionary devices that make those intruders go away and stay away !
You can be sure that our methods are most humane and are in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the Ministry of the Environment.

Trapping vs. One-way-door/exclusion devices

At QPM, we utilize both types of methods for exclusion and removal of animals. Each method has advantages over the other. In most cases, we find that employment of a live-trap makes better sense both of the client and the service provider.

  • Animal can be taken to some distance from home whereas with exclusionary measures, the animal stays just outside the structure and may carve another access point into the structure. And in doing so may cause more damage.
  • Since most applications of trap take place inside of a confined structure, question of trapping non-target animal does not arise.


Raccons, technically called, Procyon lotor, are distributed throughout the entire United States, Mexico and the Southern regions of Canada.

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Squirrel – Eastern Gray Squirrel

The eastern gray squirrel is commonly encountered in the eastern half of North America.

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The opossum is the only marsupial (pouched animal) found in North America. It can be found in Eastern, Central and West Coast states; however it is not found in the Rockies.

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Skunks quite often would make their home under a deck or a shed. Skunks are a particular nuisance because of their very foul odour. QPM technicians have a reputation for removing these animals in such a way that Skunks do not feel the need to spray in defence.


Birds may make their nest in the exhaust vent of a washroom or kitchen or some part of the roofing. Bird nests and their droppings can have serious aesthetic impact and bad odours. QPM employs repellent glue/gel, spike strip and netting to deter and keep these birds at bay.

Pest Proofing

Normally when birds and squirrels are to be secluded from an area such as an exhaust vent, QPM can provide the installation of metal mesh to foil the future entry attempts.


Currently, we have suspended our WildLife Control Service Offerings.