Insecticides Spray Application for Bed Bugs

To exterminate Bed Bugs, we employ commercially licensed insecticides sprays that kill live Bed Bugs at various stages of their lives. The sprays also establish a residual defence (lasting up to 6 weeks) against eggs yet to be hatched. The spray application is done around key hiding spots, largely located in the bed components, furniture, electrical receptacles, hanging artwork, around the baseboards and door frames.

All bed rooms and living rooms where people sleep or rest are thoroughly treated. It takes up to 5 weeks for all the Bed Bugs to get affected by the insecticides and die off.

Our service includes a limited 7 months warranty. While 80+ percent of the cases are resolved with the initial inspection and treatment, if the second application is needed, we deliver it free of cost.

Please use this guide as a reference for preparing for an insecticides spray application for bed bug removal.

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