Project Description

Flying Insects that Sting!


Most social wasps can mobilize the entire nest for defense. This can be highly dangerous to humans and animals. Their alarm pheromone tells all that the nest is under attack. Same pheromone is used to indicate prey as well such as bees.

A Bald-Faced Hornet aka Paper Wasp Nest in a Tree in Toronto.  
This nest was dropped in a bag with some insecticide and taken away from the property.

It is the scene of an Entry Point of a Yellow Jacket Wasp. It is located in the bottom left of a window exterior. To exterminate the infestation, it has been dusted with an insecticide dust. Wasps would come into contact with this insecticide dust upon their entry and exit each and every time. In due time, the entire wasp nest hidden inside will collapse and die off. Photographed in Toronto

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