This story published on JUNE 21, 2017 by National Geographic highlights the increased risk of Tick bites in summer months as we are likely to visit outdoor natural spaces.

Bite of a Lone Star Tick

This tick has a Texas-shaped marking on its back and when it bites and feeds off a cow or similar animal, it can ingest Alpha-Gal molecules in it’s blood meal.

And when, next, it bites a human, it can transfer these Alpha-Gal molecules into human blood stream causing human immune system to start keeping watch against it by creating Alpha-Gal antibodies. It changes human immune system posture towards this substance, which is present in most mammal meat. The Alpha-Gal sugar molecule is also present in some medications that use gelatins as stabilizers.

The illness manifests when humans experience reaction to eating meat!

This reaction is delayed as there it takes time for the meat ingestion to digestion pathway. It could be several minutes to hours when patients begin to experience hives, shortness of breath, vomiting, and diarrhea. So it may take a few such episodes to occur before people realize what ails them.

Repeated exposure to Tick bites can result in greater sensitivity.

If people are exposed to multiple bites, they may develop greater sensitivity to the ingestion of Alpha-Gal containing substances.

The Window Sill Near Head Board:

These are hundreds if not thousands of black dot like excrements produced by bed bugs. The person living in the apartment tried to clean away this mess but did not address bed bug problem itself in any meaningful way. When you see bed bugs nesting beyond a bed’s components it should be obvious that the infestation among the bed components has reached full capacity provided by the nesting opportunities there.

There has been a poor attempt at painting over the blackened wall. Still you see huge number of Bed Bug excrements in the window sill.

Moving beyond a bed’s components, bed bugs would happily nest in

  • the curtains where they are mostly still and unmoved and changed

  • night tables or bed side tables

  • other wooden or wicker furniture objects near the bed.

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The Baseboards:

The paint tray is left behind. There is Diatomaceous Earth dust on the carpet. And there are hundreds of dead Bed Bugs on the carpet. But it is obvious that Diatomaceous Earth did not solve the problem completely. This scene is just below the window sill image presented above.

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Overcrowded Bed Bugs:

So far away from the host and under no cover from any light!

Why would Bed Bug choose such a spot?

This is one the factor that we weighed in to declare this to be the worst case of Bed Bug infestation that we provided extermination services for.

If you look closely in the corner:

  • Large layer of black excrements has developed in the corner.

  • A smaller translucent white layer of Eggs is developed on top of the black one.

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Bed Bug Friendly Sofa Bed Frame:

This image is representative of what is ground zero. Bed Bugs must have been compelled to move away from this comfortable wooden frame just because of overcrowding. You see that in areas of greater affinity there are layers of black excrements and in other spots there are piles of white shiny translucent bed bug eggs.

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The Bed Bug Notoriety of Electrical Sockets:

Sometimes electrical sockets are presented as a possible nesting spot to sensationalize the situation however in this case of extra ordinary infestation it is just obvious that any spot is good spot.

Bed Bugs would only be compelled to nest in the Electrical Sockets when the infestation is well established and typical spots are overcrowded for bed bugs to nest in. And of course the location of the Electrical Socket just near the head board of the bed is close to an ideal.

Of course, for a typical bed bug infestation Electrical sockets located on the end of the room practically do not matter.

In case of a heavy infestation, bed bugs would happily nest in

  • Folds in the sheets and coverings of bed components

  • At the edges and piping of pillows and cushions

  • Peeling wallpaper, gaps by baseboards, unusually large cracks in floorings, etc.

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Just like the Electrical Socket, when such spots, that provide recessed areas of shelter for Bed Bugs to creep into, exist near a bed, they become a great potential nesting spots.

This poster was put on by the top edge of the wall and ceiling. It is the curled up edges of such paper coverings that provide Bed Bugs the perfect spots to sneak under. In the corner you can see layers of white shiny eggs laid over layers of black excrements.

Click on image for full resolution.

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Bed Bugs Excrements on Ceiling!

Being a bed bug exterminator, I do not come across this often that I see bed bug nests on ceilings.

In this image there are black dots that are the faces and  skin shed.

This location on the ceiling does not provide any shelter from lights and it is quite a distance from the bed where the host might be found.

Also, the abundance of Bed Bugs were feeding a decent population of Spiders.

These factors made us consider this to be the worst case of Bed Bug infestation that we had to exterminate in Toronto. Click the Image for full resolution.

What makes this scene unusual because bed bugs nest:

  • The distance from a host is unusually far.

  • This spot is not having a cover from light. This is very unusual.

  • The only advantage is not overcrowding in the usual nesting places in a bed.

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