Extended Defence against BedBugs:

Even though the pest control measures are applied to specifically targeted areas and surfaces, the Extermination results are guaranteed long into the future. It’s all because of the technique and the expertise. It is therefore, a practical certainty, that we observe more than 90% of the cases resolved with single application.

The insecticide spray we apply to the key areas converts those surfaces into killing mechanisims for BedBugs as they come into contact with them sooner or later. The effectiveness of this layer of pesticide maintains the residual effectiveness for many months. It is so, that even a new BedBug is brought in, it will die off in due time. Even though not all the BedBugs and their eggs could be directly sprayed in their nests, the smart and experienced exterminator would treat the area so that the Pests do come into contact with the trated surafce as close to their nest as possible.

That makes it certain that the BedBugs would not last long and multiply. That is what provides an active defense against, even the furture, infestations.



Experienced exterminators do the job right the first time. Even though each pest situation is unique, they know the traits and characteristics of Pests and Structures. It is, therefore, that an experienced exterminator is able to diagnose the issue correctly with all its parameters.

Next the exterminator would know how and where to apply necessary control agents to exterminate the pest successfully.Quest Pest Management Inc. provides Guaranteed Pest Control and Extermination services for Bed Bugs, Fleas, Wasps, Cockroaches, Carpenter Ants, etc. With guaranteed satisfaction, we have serviced Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, etc., since 2002.

Two Bed Bugs besides a 10 ¢ coin:
Larger one likely a male and smaller one a female.

2 bed Bugs near a 10 ¢ coin


The Recipe


The key characteristics:

Deployment of Best Tools: We only use the best tools available to the industry so that the job is done right, the first time. The insecticide spray we use for BedBugs extermination, has been developed by leading pharmaceutical company in the world. It has the best residual effectiveness among its class of products.

Experienced Exterminators: At Quest, only the most experienced exterminators are assigned BedBug extermination jobs. Their experience allows them to quickly determine the nature and extent of the problem and make appropriate recommendations to the client.

Passion for Excellence: It is part of our core philosophy to do the best job possible every single time. All members of our extermination services team get rewarded for presenting additions to our best practices items. At Quest, every job is done as a new and unique opportunity to excel.

Dedication to Customer Satisfaction: From customer service representatives to the service delivery personell, all members recognize the significance of keeping our clients happy. That’s why we take the time to explain the pest related situation and the proposed solutions. At, Quest, we understand that your happiness is our goal.

How is our BedBug Extermination Technique Better then Heat Treatments ?

Bed Bug Extermination Technique Comparison: Heat (Thermal) vs. Insecticide Spray.

Insecticides Heat
The insecticides are applied to key areas where Bed Bugs may hide and nest. That covers all basis for current pest and repels future infestations. Bed Bug Extermination using Heat involves heating almost the entire structure to almost 115 degrees Fahrenheit for extended period of time.
It is easily verifiable as to where the treatment has been applied and review the application. It can not be determined after the fact if heat treatment had affected a certain part of the structure.
The Substance and it’s residual effectiveness lasts for weeks and months resulting in Elimination of even any new arrivals of Bed Bugs. The Effectiveness is immediately withdrawn when the treatment process is stopped and equipment turned off.
Application is NOT General in Nature i.e. application is only targeted areas and surfaces. Application is GENERAL and affects most articles regardless of the need.
Preparation for client is limited to areas of immediate vicinity of beds and couches. Preparation for the treatment requires a lot more from the client in terms of removing heat sensitive items or heat proofing them in several ways.
Cost of treatment is affordable. Heat is many times more expensive.

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Our clients are happy that they were taken care of by our licensed exterminators that are passionate about solving problem the first time!

7 Months Guarantee on BedBugs Extermination Services !

Almost unheard of, in this field. We are not only confident that the problem would go away, we are confident that it would not reincarnate for at least 7 months. We commit to deliver a second application, free of cost, if it is requested by client !
The quality of our service delivers concrete BedBugs elimination. Whereas heat treatments have no residual affect on the teated area, our insecticides spray application delivers results for many months to come. Please, see comparison of insecticide versus heat treatment, here.