These scenes are all from an Ikea Bunk Bed Frame

One Hole

in Ikea Bed Frame

This is a factory produced typical hole in an Ikea bunk bed frame. There were many of these holes in the frame to allow for different configurations. An adult Bed Bug and dozens of Eggs are very much safe in here. You see protruding black excrement dots that are quite vivid on this light color wooden background.

An adult bed Bug and dozens of Eggs in a factory made hole

One Hole

The most telling picture

This hole depicts the most telling picture in relation to bed bugs. There are several bed bugs at all different stages of life. There are white shiny and somewhat translucent eggs with the openings visible. This picture is all you need to understand the significance of a small safe space that bed bugs need in order to remain hidden.

An adult bed Bug and dozens of Eggs in a factory made hole

How Small?

Small Space

The above hole shown with a human thumb besides it for perspective on dimensions.

Human thumb and a nesting hole of bed bugs

Two Holes

Zoomed In

The 2 holes depicted above and shown here for a clear understanding of their apparent insignificance and potential for a bed bug nest!

2 holes - zoomed in

Same Bed

The Black Dots invite you to closely look – everywhere.

This is top right corner of the upper bunk bed.
The black dots tell you there are bed bugs!

Typical Black Dots of bed Bugs

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