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There are several kinds of Mites. All of them are quite small measuring at less than a milli meter. These are 8 legged insects that may cause skin irrtation to humans and pets when they bite
Most common mite issues that people face in southren Ontario are the Bird Mites and Clover Mites. Whereas the Bird Mites can feed on a mammals’ blood and cause skin inflammation, the Clover Mites do not bite. However, Clover Mites do leave red color markings when their bodies are crushed.

Bird Mites usually occur inside of our homes because there were Birds or other mammals, such as raccoons or mice, nesting nearby. These mites can crawl out of the smallest of the cracks in drywall or floorings.

Dust Mites have evolved to consume human skin debris as food. Dust Mites do not bite for blood but do cause allergic reactions such as Asthma due to the allergins they produce.

Bird Mite

A Bird Mite as seen through Microscope.

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