Story of House Mouse - It's Pest Control and Extermination.

Mouse or Mice and Rats:


Color Brown to Grey with a lighter underside
Ears Large
Eyes Small
Tail Slightly less than body length
Weight (adult) 10 - 25 g
Litters per year 5 - 8
Litter size 4 - 8
Maturity 6 - 8 weeks
Average life span 3 - 4 months

Indicators of Mice Presence:

  • Holes - these are openings created or enlarged for mice passage.
  • Droppings - almost black and largest among them being the size of grain of rice - are mice excrements.
  • Damage - usually the signs of mice chewing for sake of chewing or ingesting food.
  • Nesting signs - movement and gathering of insulation or other materials.
  • Seeing a dead or alive mouse.
  • A further characteristics is the smell. Rodents produce a distinct odor in nesting sites and escape routes that once experienced will not be forgotten.

These pests are most active at night, they are shy and very cautious. Mice are more domestic in their nature whereas Rats have tendencies for the wilderness. And Mice try to be very inconspicuous whereas Rats' presence is hard to miss. Also, Rats are much massive than the Mice.

A Mouse - Caught from a Home in Toronto.
Mouse was contained in this blue bucket.
A Mouse - Caught from a Home in Toronto.

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A Bait in Block form is being
deployed in a Bait Station.

Bait is being placed in mouse bait station

Our Preferred Extermination Technique of Bait and Its Advantages:

There is no Spray, Fumigation or Fogging Application for their elimination. To eliminate these pests we employ bait method. We use most effective baits available from the leading rodenticide manufactures. These rodenticides are highly palatable and contain powerful active ingredients, for the strongest, single-feeding bait. These are utilized for both rats and mice. Bait is usually placed behind appliances (or dropped in holes or above a ceiling) where it is inaccessible to non-target life forms. In other places QPM utilizes tamper-resistant and lockable bait stations.

Areas favored by mice are food storage and preparation areas such as kitchens and pantries. Sub-floor areas, enclosed pipes and baths in bathrooms and loft areas are also favored areas. Bait can be placed under or behind kitchen fittings, behind fridges, under kitchen units, behind the bottom drawer of the stove, etc.

The bait method results in gradual and almost fool-proof and guaranteed removal of these pests.

Some of the advantages of the Bait method are:

  • Pests are attracted to the bait and are likely to be impacted by it. The Pest is least likely to be going into new areas to spread the infestation.
  • Pests would be exterminated having consumed the bait and may also prove to be a source of secondary poisoning for other members.
  • This technique is cleaner and safer.
  • Client is not required to prepare the property in any way for the application.
  • Client is not required to leave the property during the application.
  • Avoidance of broadcast application of Control Agents. Which results in less pollution and general hazard for people and pets. And less intrusion to the flow of life.

Insulation has been moved around by mice as they make their nests in it over time.
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mouse nest

Our exterminators will inspect the structure for points of vulnerabilities that may facilitate future infestations or conditions that may be helping the Pest to flourish. It will be up to the owner to act on the recommendations.

Bait is mostly in block form and is usually deployed inside Bait Stations. The Bait Stations are placed on the floor level along the walls and have a tunnel through them from where the Pest may enter and leave.

Mice and Rats, during their normal foraging activities, will find the bait and consume it. It is common that it may appear that the pests become more active or appear to have become greater in numbers as they may come back a few times to feed on the bait.

Expected Results and Outcome of the Treatment:

Mice are feeding on Anticoagulent Bait

Mice are feeding on
Bait in Block form.

In about 3-5 weeks, all pests would have been eliminated having consumed the bait. Typically, the Pests would simply cease to exist. However, it is possible that some Pests may expire near human living spaces. As well, they may result in bad odors. In that case, client would have to investigate the source and remove it.

At QPM, we have highest success rate of complete elimination of these pests with one treatment alone. The treatment includes a thorough inspection of the property before a comprehensive application process.

Prior to carrying out treatment against rats or mice, we will do an inspection or survey of the property, site or area to decide on the extent and size of the infestation.
QPM will obtain as much information as possible from people on site and use this information when conducting the survey.

Frequently asked Questions:

How long would it take for the mice to go away ?

It takes about 3 to 5 weeks for all the mice to have a chance to feed on the bait and then die off. Mice would find the bait during their normal foraging activities. Immediately after consumption, the bait caused no ill effects. The active agent is made to affect with a delay so that mice do not associate the ill effects with the bait.

How should I clean places visited by mice ?

When it comes to cleaning away the excrements and urine from mice presence in our kitchens, standard care should be taken. Try to avoid inhaling the dust and debris. Spray anti-bacterial cleaning agent to suppress the particles from becoming air borne. Then wipe them off with a disposable cleaning cloth. Use of cleaning gloves is recommended.

Do you plug holes inside the house ?

Most homes do not have existential entry points that need attention. Most mice infestation start through the attahced garage or other accidental entry. Our exterminators will inspect the structure for points of vulnerabilities that may result in cause of future infestations or conditions that may be helping the Pest flourish. It will be up to the owner to act on the recommendations.

Can I buy this rodenticide from you ?

No. These rodenticides are registered with PMRA as Commercial and are not sold to the public. Only Licensed Pesticide Operators are allowed to employ these.

Can I have the smell of dead mice ?

Yes. It is possible. If a mouse expires near our living space and has enough body fluids to cause a bad smell, the you may start to notice it. In that case, you should ventilate the place and accurate assess the location of the source of the smell. Once, determined, look for a dead mouse and remove it.